Campus Storage DMV 
Frequently Asked Questions


How does your service work?

(1) Your storage/moving form is filled out on our website or an email is sent to (including the type of service desired).
(2) After doing so, Campus Storage DMV will send you a free quote.
        - Along with a price quote are instructions on how to confirm your order and make payments
        - To confirm an order you do not have to pay
        - Payment can be made on the day of your pick-up
        - Confirming an order gives to priority when selecting a pick-up time
(3) Your order is confirmed via the email link or via phone with a representative.
(4) You Pack It... We Stack It...

You will be able to select a date and time that fits your schedule best. The Campus Storage DMV team will come directly to your room to collect your storage content or the content you wish to move. Storage items will be stored in a climate controlled Campus Storage DMV facility near your campus for the summer and will be delivered to your new address in the Fall. If you use our “quality” moving service, the Campus Storage DMV team will come directly to your room and deliver the content to your verified address

 Can I store my computer, fridge, and other electronics?  

Yes. Our storage facility is climate controlled, which is perfectly safe for all your
electronic equipment; Boxed or Unnboxed. We  do ask that you unplug it 36-48 hours before your scheduled pick-up or moving date and make sure there is no standing water in the refrigerator.

What is meant by climate-controlled?  

Climate-controlled means that our storage facility maintains a safe temperature for your belongings and that the facility is properly ventilated.

Can I store my furniture?  

Yes. Campus Storage DMV stores most types of furniture. Mattresses, trunks, rugs, refrigerators, shelves, futons, desks, filing cabinets, chairs and more!

Do you have restrictions on the types of things that can be stored?  

Yes. Hazardous materials, liquids, perishable items, foods, and cash cannot be stored with Campus Storage DMV. All packages must be packed appropriately and approved by the Campus Storage DMV movers.


How far are your storage facilities located?

Our storage facilities are within driving distance from each campus we serve. Each campus is assigned to a particular storage facility in the area.

Please contact a representative if you would like to know the storage facility of your university.

Can I access my belongings during the summer? 

Yes. Inform the Campus Storage DMV at least 1 week before if you may need access to specific items during the summer.


Do you provide boxes and packaging supplies?  

Yes. On your storage request form there is a section to inform Campus Storage DMV if you need boxes. Campus Storage DMV will deliver your boxes at least 48 hours before your storage pickup or quality moving date. The movers assigned to your order will have the supplies to seal your boxes on the day of pick up if your boxes are not sealed.

How many boxes do you recommend I purchase?  

Most customers find 3-4 large boxes sufficient, however, feel free to order as many large boxes as you wish.


Do you pickup directly at my door?  

Yes, as long as your school's administration will allow our movers into the dorms (which never seems to be a problem). As for off-campus residents, your address will be verified after your storage request is completed. Our movers will come to your door to pickup your storage or moving items. We'll make sure your boxes are properly labeled, and we'll complete the necessary paperwork. The process should take no longer than 15 to 25 minutes.

What if I can't be present for a pickup or delivery?  

In your absence, you can have a friend be present during a pickup or delivery who must sign to validate the process. If our mover cannot get in touch with you, or a friend or roommate that you designate, we will not be able to pick up or deliver your items. If our mover cannot gain entry to a location that you designate as a delivery location, your items will be brought back to our warehouse and you will have to schedule a re-delivery, as well as pay a missed delivery fee.

What if I am not ready when the movers get here?  

It is strongly suggested that you are ready when the movers arrive to ensure your pick-up/moving time slot is honored.

Will you have extra boxes when you come to my room? 

It is possible that the Campus Storage DMV movers may have extra boxes. However, we do not guarantee that we will have additional supplies left, so make sure to purchase an adequate amount of boxes

What if I don't know my fall address prior to your picking up my things?  

If you don't know your delivery address at the time of pickup, you can provide this information later in the summer; however, it is best to provide the address as soon as you find out.

What happens if some of my items are broken upon delivery or all my items are not delivered?  

Although this is very rare, you may submit a claim to Campus Storage DMV. All claims for lost or broken items must be submitted no later than 3 days after receiving your storage content back.

All items stored are appraised upon arrival to our facilities. If your claim is approved you will be offered discounted storage for the following year or receive a full refund of the appraised value of the item in question.



How much do your storage services cost?  

Our prices are set on a per item basis. But, the more you store the cheap it is per item. All storage prices include door-to-door pickup, storage throughout the summer, and delivery when school resumes. Moving prices are based on weight and destination. After a storage request form is completed an accurate price will be given to you.

What forms of payment do you accept?  

We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa cards via PayPal, a link for the PayPal payment will be sent to your email after a storage request form is completed. Cash at pickup is also accepted.

Are there any additional fees?  

If the storage request form you completed is far off your actual physical content, additional fees may be added at the request of the Campus Storage DMV Inventory Team (this rarely occurs). Additional fees may also be assessed if your storage delivery date is not set by July 31, 2013 or if your storage content is not claimed by August 28, 2013

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