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About Us
Campus Storage DMV has been servicing George Washington, Howard, American, Galluadet, Trinity, and Catholic University students for 5 great years. We have grown from a five-persons operation to an established organization. In the early 2000's, the cataleptic nature of storing items bothered many students. Probably none more than the original idea makers of Campus Storage DMV. Through the burden and cost of summer storage, a new style of operation was created. Prior to 2008, the company's founder was operating with his college team as Steve and Greg's Pick and Pack. Many of our older customers may be familiar with this operation. Since then, we have grown to a company that serves 6 schools whilst maintaining prices as affordable as they were 10 years ago. Campus Storage DMV still believes in Steve's mission to clean up the student storage process. We at Campus Storage DMV value every customer and will continue recreate the summer storage process.

Attending college is such a bracing and beautiful thing. Campus Storage DMV understands the excitement of a university, so at every opportunity we aspire to Innovate, Streamline, and Refine our processes to bolster the benefits of the college experience.

Our vision is to see that every student who departs for home is not distracted by storing their items because they are sure that Campus Storage DMV has that part of their college experienced covered.

We always look forward to saving a student time and money.
Our passion for Logistics is the driving force behind our easy and effective storage solution. We continually strive to evolve our efficiency. It is one of our main policies to make sure that our customers know that All storage is properly handled and stored in a secure, climate controlled facility.

... This is our 5th year. I commemoration
    of that milestone we are giving five students a chance to
    win free summer  

THANK YOU... We will have CSDMV Semester Book

THANK YOU... Stay tuned @CStorageDMV as we begin to
    increase the peace.

Campus Storage DMV serves college and university students in the DC Metropolitan Area. We take pride in offering the cheapest prices available to university students. We know how stressful and expensive college can be so, we are here to make your storage experience better! 

Campus Storage DMV