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Campus Storage DMV
offers a hassle-free summer storage option for university students in the DC Metropolitan Area. Our process is easy for students, but most importantly, it is affordable, and trusted.

 FIRST... You fill out a quick Storage Request Form to obtain a free quote

  SECOND... We deliver boxes to you, on your desired date.

  THIRD.... We secure, pick-up, and store your belongings.

  LASTLY.... We deliver your items to your desired location.

  ACHIEVED... Easy, Affordable, Storage Solution.

  FLEXIBLE... We can easily adapt to changes in your schedule
    considering we have representatives at every university we

  LOCAL... We focus on solely DC Metropolitan Area, this allow us
 offer Phenomenally Low Prices.

  SIMPLE... We label and tape your boxes.
all you have to do is
    pack them. Some electronics and items too large for
    boxes are bubbled wrapped and secured by our movers.

  TRUSTED... We are the go to service! Thank you for embracing
    our service for the last half decade. 

 For one low price, we pick-up, store, deliver
sure, and provide packing equipment for your storage

Our facility's inventory team is top class. We
    selectively choose all our movers and drivers.
    is how were we save you money.


  FAIR... We treat every customer the same. We love to provide
    a high level of service and accessibility to all our customers.
    Give us a call whenever you wish. We'll be there

Upon completion of a storage request form you receive a free quote via email. Once you confirm your order we provide and deliver free boxes. Members of the Campus Storage DMV team will arrive at your dorm on your preferred pick-up date where they will secure and pick up your items.

Prior to the fall semester, Campus Storage DMV will reconfirm your delivery date then have
your storage back at your preferred location on your preferred delivery date.
Campus Storage DMV